Thursday, October 8, 2009

Coming Up Next

I'm a big watcher of Bravo's reality shows. Housewives, watch them all, Top Chef, never miss it, Flipping Out, never flip it off ... but I hate hate hate the "coming up next" part of these shows. Why don't you just give another couple of minutes of real show instead of these coming up next teasers. I'm already here. I'm already watching. You don't need to entice me by showing me that in four minutes and 22 seconds I'll be watching NeNe yell at Kim or that Padma will tell one of the chefs to pack his knives and go (hello, there's two minutes left in the show, I know someone is about to get kicked off!). Oh, another pet peeve, I've noticed lately Bravo has edited all their shows to have a 60 second light hearted bit around the :37 minute mark. Please, I'm not stupid. I can see what you're doing. You're giving me less show. I'm not fooled by those supposedly funny bits you pop in there. All right, rant over.

Coming Up Next:

Progress in the stitching world.