Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crapt Project #1

So, while I’m currently working on lots of projects, there are two at the top of the rotation that need closure. Well, they’re all in need of closure but these two are desperate.

Crapt Project #1 comes from the March/April 2009 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors and is ‘recycled circles’ by Jane Lafazio. Ms. Lafazio’s completed work is a delightful mixed media piece of cloth and paper with circles and quarter circles. It incorporates beads and various colored threads. Wunderbar!

This is mine:

Not so wunderbar! It is, mind you, not completed. I've more threads to add and I'd like to add more beads as well. But I don't think anything can help it. I'm considering adding more gesso because Ms. Lafazio's piece had a milky look and I liked that.

One of the instructions/suggestions was to cut out circles and lay them down, gesso over them and then remove the circles so you'd have spots that were non-milky. Well, I tried that and it didn't work. Don't know why, but that's crapting for you.

I really enjoyed sewing on paper. The paper used per her instructions was 140-lb watercolor paper and though I was frightened at first as it seemed pretty thick, I had no problem using the machine on it. What I did have a problem with was sewing a nice circle. I couldn't do it. While Ms. Lafazio has oddly shaped, cool circles, I have shapes that don't have a name, kind of oval, kind of circle. A ovcle? The picture below is not great quality but you can get a sense of all the badly formed circles I made. On the bright side, you can also see all the perfectly formed ovcles:

So, I will be working on this, completing it and giving further updates. I'd love suggestions on how you think it could be made to look semi-crapt as opposed to official genuine crapt.
Tomorrow, Crapt Project #2 and then on to the actual real-time crapting!

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