Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crapter Project #2

Crapter project #2, which I'd like to call Crapter-lite, because it's not quite crapt but it's not quite craft either, is from the January/February 2009 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors (I do love this magazine!). It's Sealed with a Stich by Viv Sliwka. Ms. Sliwka's pieces are collaged ephemera, fabric, buttons that she then embroiders. Now, what attracted me to this article was not only the cuteness of the project but the embroidery. I love embroidery.

Ms. Sliwka used interesting enveloped she had collected, collaged them and then added stitches. Her last example was a very cool, fun needlebook she made. I must make that, I screamed!

I didn't have any particularly interesting envelopes but I'd won a very cool, old Western Union telegram on Ebay:

I thought it would make a great Mother's Day present for my occasionally sewing Mother and a few occasionally sewing friends. I copied the image onto transfer paper and decided to use this delicious fabric:

I love this fabric. Isn't it great! It's Rhapsody by Rosemarie Lavin for Windham Fabrics. I bought a fat quarter of it while shopping at City Quilter, here in New York City. I've since done an Ebay search and discovered there is also a green and a black one! I think I might have to buy them. They're just so much fun!

For my first experimental needlebook, I decided not to add embroidery, partly because I didn't want to obscure the wonderful message Bob sent to his Mom and also because I couldn't figure out what to put on there! I fused the fabrics together and that's where I've stopped. Here's the back:

I had intended to work on this the past week, but my two boys have been home from school with allergy attacks and I actually have two small cavities that I need to get back to the dentist for (cavities at my age!) so I've accomplished nothing. Mother's Day is a week away so I still need some supplies and then to get it together! Egads! Get to work!

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