Monday, April 27, 2009

Two New Crapt Magazines Arrive!

This weekend I received two of my favorite crapty magazines: the May/June 2009 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, and Issue 92 of the English magazine Classic Stitches.

I don't recall how I became familiar with Classic Stitches. We lived in England for six months a few years ago but I know I never saw it on the newstand there. I think I might have won an Ebay auction of an issue (I went Ebay crazy on stitching magazines about a year or so ago). Anyway, I so liked the magazine that I signed up for a subscription. Considering it's coming from England, it's quite cheap. I think 40 dollars, but don't quote me.

I have yet to do anything from the magazine (and quite frankly some of the projects aren't attractive though the techniques are interesting) but I’m always intrigued by the transfers they give you with the magazine. I’ve never done a transfer and one of these days I will make a transfer stitching project my next crapt.
Off to the dentist but next post I will reveal my two current crapt projects. And when I say their crapt, sadly, I mean that they are crapt!

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