Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Christmas Treee A Day

Over a year ago I started to make a Christmas tree quilt. I found the pattern in the December 2007 (!) issue of American Patchwork and Quilting. The designer is Linda Lum Debono. Here's what the finished project looks like:

Very cute! The project was marked Beginner, which was right up my alley as I've never done quilting, applique or worked with fusible webbing!

I began the project in January of 2009, with one Christmas tree panel. I did okay. Had a fun time. Put everything away until yesterday when it occurred to me - "Hey, it's getting near Christmas, where am I again with that Festival of Trees quilt?

Oh, that's right. Nowhere! So I have decided to do a tree a day! I already had one so only eight more to go!

Perhaps I can get this sucker done before Christmas (or at least in time to fold it away with all the Christmas stuff until next year)!

Here is the first panel I did from almost a year ago:
Why, this picture came out so tiny, I'm not sure. But you get the idea.

Let's cut to yesterday, December 1 and my return to the project and Christmas tree number 2.

Here is the beginning of Tree #2 with all the fusible put down on my fabric. In true crapter fashion, where my brain left my body, I also got webbing on my new 90buck Rowenta iron. Lucretia would be proud!

Here is the finished product:
Overall, I'm very happy with it, but I did have another crapting moment that isn't quite evident from the photo. The bottom corner of the tree did not have webbing on it for some reason and so it's kind of sticking out. Very annoying and I'm not sure how to fix it. Anyone have any suggestions? Glue?

Here is Tree #2 next to Tree #3:

So far so good! Let's move on to Tree #3 tomorrow!

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