Friday, June 25, 2010

Christmas Ornament A Month #2

I went off the Little House Needleworks path in February and stitched a chart from the Just Cross Stitch 2009Christmas Ornaments Issue. I collected all the materials to make three of the ornaments I really liked (though I must admit I have kind of soured on one of my picks and will probably never stitch it) and have completed one. Here it is, Cross-Eyed Cricket's Wishes: It's incredibly cute and was a lot of fun to stitch, except for ... wait for it ... the French Knots! I managed to give her French Knot eyes but her hair was supposed to be all French Knots and I tried and tried but with my true crapting ability I couldn't accomplish it, so I used regular cross stitches. I also used DMC instead of the more interesting Thread Gatherer soft apricot that the hair called for. It's a shame because the knots (and the varigated color) really do make the hair but I'm still more than pleased with my results.

The other ornament from the issue that I need to start at some point is Heart Strings 2009 Santa but it also entails many many French Knots and I'm terrified. Just plain terrified. I've got to get a stand.

Keep stitching!

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