Monday, June 21, 2010

The Last Christmas Tree

The title sounds like a Nicholas Sparks book where a lonely widower who doesn't have the energy or the will to decorate for Christmas meets a single mom with a young son who has just lost her job the week before Christmas. Melancholy ensues but at the end all are uplifted as they gather around the last Christmas tree left at the Merry Time Christmas Tree Lot. Something like that.

Here is it Christmas Tree #9:
Here are the nine laid out and looking pretty (though the one in the front middle looks like the yellow doesn't fit):

If you look back at the December 2nd post you can see the picture of the finished quilt. It was the border between the trees that completely freaked me out and caused me to put the project away. I'm going to take it back out and give it the old college try. My fear is that I won't cut the fabric correctly thus ruining it. By complete coincidence I have the exact fabric used in the original project. I bought it because I loved it and the fear of my ruining it may cause me to choke like the golfer Dustin Johnson at yesterday's U.S. Open. I'll keep you updated.

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