Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament A Month - January

Back in January I resolved to cross stitch a Christmas tree ornament a month. I was partly inspired to make this goal because Little House Needleworks were releasing a new pattern every month. I thought the first release was cute so I signed up with a cross stitch shop to automatically receive each installment. The monthly shipment includes the required cut of fabric, beads if any are used and speciality fibers. I'm on my own when it comes to the DMC.

So back in January at the start of my quest, I easily completed Fa La La:
It came out great, though I did have crapting moments in regards to the dreaded French Knots for the eyes and noses. I hate French Knots, despise them, to wish them out of existence does not seem too heartless. It took me forever to get these done. Lots of cursing, plenty of shouts, a few tears. The problem is I need two hands to do them but I don't have a stand. I need to get one because there are always French knots in patterns. Apparently, some people enjoy them. Weirdos!

Obviously, I have not "finished" this one, but I found inspiration in a finish by a contributor to a LHN blog devoted to people's ornament stitching. The ornament was finished in what she referred to as an envelope style. It was beautiful and she is obviously very talented unlike Moi. I have no idea how to finish an ornament in a plain old fashioned way let alone this cool envelope way but I'm going to try it nevertheless. I thought it would look really pretty to finish all of them as envelopes and then string them together in some fashion and hang them across a wall or a fireplace or something. That's yet another project. First I need to see if I can stick to my monthly resolution! Wish me luck!

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