Friday, June 18, 2010

Christmas Tree #8

I'm not blind to the fact that this particular tree looks like a big pile of crapt but I will blame it on the lighting (as honestly I can't recall if I considered it hideous at the time I made it). Because I cut that beautiful piece of fabric so badly, I was left with only enough yellow fabrics to complete the remaining blocks. I suppose I could have waited and gone to a store to buy a different piece of yellow fabric but I was impatient, as well as determined to succeed at my goal of one tree a day. Lucretia Mulberry said on page 121 "impatience is the nectar of the crapter, if the crapter did not know impatience then crapt would not be formed". Certainly the case with this particular tree Lucretia.

Here is a badly lit picture of the Gang of Eight:

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