Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Indecision In Crapting A Pillow

I am a very indecisive crapter. It makes sense since indecision is a key component to any successful crapter according to Lucretia Mulberry.

I have been wanting to make a pillow from some vintage images I've been collecting for some time now. I bought Iron-On Transfer Paper in regards to this project years ago. And I'm not exaggerating. Years. Ago. At least I remember what I bought the Iron-On Transfer Paper for - I can not tell you how many different crapting products I have in my larder that I have absolutely no idea why I purchased them and thus what now to do with them. Crapting 101.

Well, I had a cool Paris postcard image that I decided to take the plunge and make into a pillow. I mirror image printed it on the paper and here is the result:
Pretty nice. My first instinct was to iron it on to some ivory cotton fabric I have:
I hesitate to do so, though, because it's very thin and doesn't feel very pillow-ish. Not to mention I can't cut a straight line to save my life and I can see into the future and that future includes a lopsided pathetic looking pillow. So, then I got the idea to use a pillow case. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and scouted pillow cases but the cheapest ones I could find were 15 bucks and weren't much thicker than the above cotton.

At home I found this sham in the closet:Possibility, but because I have such a warped mind, I hesitate to cut it up as perhaps I might want to use it at some point, for something like, say a pillow. Never mind that I have no idea where the sham came from and never mind that I was going to cut up the one I purchased at BB&B but that's how my mind works or doesn't work depending on your viewpoint.

I think I'll go ahead with the above sham. It's a bit big on the sides. I really don't want to cut the sides down as it will pose another straight line problem for me but I'll probably have to do it. Here's a picture of the postcard put down on top: See, too big at the moment. My thoughts are embroidering the back with an image of the Eiffel Tower. I think that might be kind of cool and really kitschy. I'm having trouble finding an embroidery pattern of the Eiffel Tower so I might have to make my own, which as any keen crapter knows is a recipe for a crapting disaster.

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