Monday, May 25, 2009

Crapter Project #1 Completed at Last! Results As Expected! Crapt!

Well, I did happen to fall asleep on the 22nd without finishing Crapter Project #1. In fact, I fell asleep before finishing it on the 23rd as well. However, I finally showed some backbone and put my foot down. Terrified of the consequences I might subject myself to (disappointment, self-loathing, bitterness) I trudged through my apathy and completed it last night while watching some previously recorded television. Side note: Glee, the previously recorded FOX show I viewed, I can firmly state is Crapt TV. It was mildly amusing but can’t they find people younger than 28 to play high school students and really is the teacher’s wife in any way, shape, or form a living breathing human being. Granted, the show does not hide it’s campiness, but still the wife character (as so often the case of the wife character) was lame.

So here is my completed Cloth Paper Scissor Jane Lafazio project:
I added some sequins, which might not be too noticeable so here is a close-up:
The sequins were my own idea, which made me quite proud in a 'thinking outside the box', 'my aren't I creative' kind of way, even though the results are not exactly spectacular.

The project still suffers from turned up corners so I’ve temporarily put it in a 12x12 frame (that will once again house an album cover I crapted into a faux record release from my two young boys. In true crapter fashion, my album title is not a straight line but dips up and down like a gentle ocean wave). But here it is in its temporary home:
Not quite ready for Etsy! In fact it's quite a piece of crapt but hallelujah it's done!

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