Friday, May 1, 2009

Overused Themes in the Crapter World

‘The crapter will discover through diligent study that overused themes emerge in the crapt world. A true crapter will wish to embrace these themes, fail, thus discovering a new theme.’
Lucretia Mullberry
The Royal Society of Crapters
Pg. 47

My List of Present Day Overused Themes:

  1. Using sewing patterns in collage – how can any crapter bear to tear up a sewing pattern. Is there somewhere to buy sewing pattern scraps?
  2. Scrabble tiles – though I love word usage, I must admit
  3. Birds – though I’m drawn to anything that has a bird in it
  4. Dunce caps – don’t really have a comment on them I must admit

Help me add to this list. Any themes you’ve noticed and are tired of?

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