Friday, May 22, 2009

Work on Crapt Project #1 and Gesso on Crapt #3

Yeah, I've finally gotten off my butt and did some crapting. All right, it was minimal, but the day isn't over yet and I will finish my Crapt Project #1 by midnight tonight (if I haven't fallen asleep first).

If you read my older post, you already know that I was quite taken with 'Recycled Circles' by Jane Lafazio in the March/April 2009 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. This was where I had paused in my crapting due to its immense ugliness:
Not one to let a project die until I've exhausted all its hideous potential I decided to try and achieve a bit more of Ms. Lafazio's look. As stated earlier, I preferred Ms. Lafazio's milky look mixed with her circles of non milk, so I cut out four circles from index cards and put them, in true crapting fashion with no strategy in mind, on the piece.So far so good. I then used a foam brush to put gesso all over the piece:
A little too milky! I blotted the piece with paper towel, pulled off the index circles and holy crapt! It's still hideous! Look at the non-milky circles. It's kind of not milky while kind of milky. I think that's called Half and Half. Lucretia Mulberry would be so proud of me. I'm setting the piece aside for a few hours to dry. Later today I will finish up by adding more sewing, perhaps adding more beads. Then it will be done. I will shove it in a closet, where I will accidentally pull it out a few years from now while looking for something like my child's birth certificate. I will marvel at its ugliness again, shove it back in the closet and this pattern will continue every few years until I die and my children find it and toss it in the garbage. C'est la vie.

Since I had the gesso out, I decided to gesso a birth-control pack. I have dozens of birth control packs from the past couple of years. I have two different styles. One style opens kind of like a book and the other style, the pills slide out from the center. I've always thought I would do something with these containers. Well I'm still not certain what, but I've begun what I will now be referring to as Crapt Project #3. I've gessoed a sliding case:
Actually, I've come up with an idea. Since I've been needlebook crazy of late (still have to finish Crapt Project #2 and that mess of a good intention) I think I'm going to make this into a needlebook. I'm going to collage the outside of it and then somehow rig some felt in the center, stick some needles in it and hope for the best. Well, we will see what happens. Could be interesting or might just be crapt.

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